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PRAXI4People is a web application for the management and development of personnel. It is characterised by a modular structure (recruitment, performance management, MBO, compensation policy, competency mapping, training, and organisation).

PRAXI4People generates value because it allows for streamlining in operational activities thanks to the centralisation of information in a single database, thus freeing up time and resources for HR strategies through the business intelligence system.

PRAXI4People was conceived and designed by Italian experts in the field of HR processes, to best meet the company's informational needs.

Webinars are organised periodically to illustrate the main functions of the software, which boasts excellent examples of installation in all market sectors.

RaDaR – Network Data Collection APP

RaDaR is a system for the collection of qualitative and quantitative data on the products distributed in sales locations. It takes advantage of the fact that mobile devices are quick and easy. The main goals that the solution allows us to reach are the simplification of work for inspectors and agents, as well as data availability in real time, for the purpose of subsequent use in analyses and reports.